Rooted in the language and history of painting, I am motivated by the idea of the fourth dimension (as in Time), and the discourse between that and my environment, (the here and now).  The conversation this creates is beyond the symbolic and I try to represent this ambiguity within my work by creating a register of symbols and layers of meaning.

My paintings are generally dark and small in scale, and this intimacy invites the viewer into my unsettling world with its ‘Nature’ resonances. 

These microcosms document my experience of my environment, my sense of wonder and foreboding and grief, and reflect a nostalgia for a time of ecological innocence and yet the reality of the situation.

A human or animal presence is often suggested but seldom depicted,  although a consciousness is always present and a primordial feature of things.

At its outset each painting poses a series of open-ended questions. The outcome is always unknown.  My process engages with a discourse between my heritage and environment, an exploration of time and space.

I paint on the edge of figuration.  it is emergent, and in the process of becoming or revealing itself. I build up the surface with glazes and often scour or scape areas of the picture plane back to reveal its foundation. I have been evolving a process and creating a body of work, which I hope addresses and reflects elements of the romantic tradition and a contemporary unease.  I am interested in creating an archive of these images.  I live and work in the Inner Hebrides.